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App Allows Men to Test Sperm Using Smartphone

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Men can now test their sperm without having to go to a clinic. The YO Home Sperm Test is an app that analyzes a sperm using the smartphone, The New York Post reported.

The app used to be available from Medical Electronics System, the manufacturer, for $50, following the company securing a US Food and Drug Administration approval. It is not just an app but also a male fertility kit that comes with a sample collection cup, a testing slide, a plastic pipette, and a special liquefying powder, Digital Trends reported. It also has a mini microscope that attaches to a smartphone camera and measures the motility of the sperm. If ordered from Amazon, the kit will be delivered within two days for $59.99, plus shipping.



97% Accuracy

The smartphone camera is turned by the app into a powerful microscope for the user to see the sperm concentration in a small test drop.  After a few minutes, the app will analyze the sample and give the user a view of the moving sperm.

The developers said that the app, built by a commercial-grade producer of semen analyzers, is 97 percent accurate.

The sperm sample must be collected in the cup and a vile of liquefying powder must be added. The powder must rest for 10 minutes during which it will turn pink. Place a small drop using the pipette on the test slide, put it into the YO clip, and attach it to the smartphone. The app will take a video of the sperm and, in a few minutes, tell the user if he is fertile.


Catching Fertility Problems

The aim of Medical Electronic Systems, the manufacturer, is to entice men, particularly the younger ones, to test their sperm and catch any problems as early as possible. Due to infertility, one in seven UK couples finds it hard for the woman to become pregnant even if they engage in regular unprotected sex.

Marcia Deutsch, the CEO of Medical Electronic Systems, said that the explosion of apps and wearables that are dedicated to optimizing the chance of pregnancy is proven by people who crave for more awareness of the status of their fertility. But a majority of the new technology tools cater to the female market, and MES is the only company that addresses male reproductive health in this manner.

She said that even if a male is producing 100 million sperm, but it is all dead or not swimming, then it is useless to know that one’s sperm concentration is normal. Sperm that is moving must be assessed as moving since it is the one that will fertilize an egg when normal conception occurs.


Results Are Encrypted



Deutsch assured users of the app that their test results are encrypted in the special health report vault of the company. She said the kit is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6-S7 and all the recent models of the iPhone, except Plus variants.

A study warned that in the last 40 years in western nations, the sperm counts continue to go down. If the pace of drop keeps on in the coming years, humans are in danger of facing extinction. Researchers, led by Dr. Hagai Levine, blamed on the western lifestyle the decline in sperm count to more than 50 percent among men in the US, Europe, and Australia since the 1970s, Daily Mail reported.

He said in the study, published in the Human Reproduction Update in July, that the sperm count is the best measure of male fertility. He added that the findings of the research are a wake-up call to probe lifestyle factors, chemicals, and the environment which could cause the possible extinction of the human species.

Levine warned that if there is no drastic change in how people live and the chemicals humans are exposed to, the future may be worrisome.



In the study, the researchers from the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai analyzed 185 studies made between 1973 and 2011 about sperm count and sperm concentration in males from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The analysis found that there was a 59.3 percent average decline in total sperm count and 52.4 percent average decline in sperm concentration among men from the four regions.

Among the reasons behind the decline in sperm rate are environmental and lifestyle influences such as prenatal chemical exposure, adult pesticide exposure, smoking, stress, and obesity. In about 40 percent of infertile pairs, the man is the sole reason or a contributing cause of failing to make the woman pregnant.

If the woman does not become pregnant after one year of normal activity without using contraceptives, the couple is considered infertile. Deutsche added that couples are realizing that coping with infertility is a shared journey which becomes easier with the YO Home Sperm Test. 

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